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  • 2018The mining summit was successfully held in Chengdu

    10month14Day“2018"New era mining summit" was held in Chengdu. With the theme of "cooperation, openness and win-win", the meeting focused on the release of new mining machinery and mining exchange and sharing. Colleagues in the industry witnessed the grand opening of the mining machinery conference in the new era.

  • Get ready for the ace army! Huo coin held the first super partner meeting

    In the Korean market, Huo coin began to raise Trump's military super firepower partner organization to increase market share.2018year10month18The first off-line meeting of Huo coin South Korea super partner was successfully held in Seoul. The event attracted nearly100An influential expert in the field of cryptocurrency in South Korea

  • American professional wrestling listed companyWWEWill launchNFTmarket

    World Wrestling Entertainment(WWE)As a famous professional wrestling listed company in the United States, it has signed an agreement with blockchain creative laboratory to authorize digital wrestlingWWEToken and collectibles launchNFTMarket.

  • A total of30000Multiple bitcoinATMmachine

    Data show that encryption is available this yearATMThe number of service outlets increased exponentially. since1Since January, the number of bitcoin ATMs has doubled, and now there are nearly80ATMs in countries use legal currencies to exchange cryptocurrencies.