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BitcoinATMThere is a strong demand for machines30Order from multiple countries

2013-04-25 10:33:26 browse: 1635

Last week, a company announced the deployment of the first bitcoin in CyprusATM. This company is called "dollar village". So is Jeff Burwick, the head of the companystockhouse.comThe founder of. He said in a statement on his website: "I have decided to set foot in a new business - bitcoinATM. I believe it will become the next million dollar industry. Based on this vision, we deployed the world's first bitcoin in CyprusATMDevice. "

Recently, the US business insider website contacteddollar villageAnd interviewed Jeff Borick via email. Details are as follows:

Q: this plan was formed because the banking system in Cyprus could not operate normally for a period of time. BitcoinATMThe machine takes advantage of this. If the banking system in Cyprus returns to work, the existingATMThe aircraft can continue to provide services to the public. Can you understand that

A: in fact, this is not the original intention of our project. In the past, we bought an originalATMAnd successfully operated for more than two years after deploying the bitcoin system. However, the device can only accept deposits, not withdrawals. So we developed it again, and now it can run in both directions. Since then, we have further improved the equipment and started to publicize. We hope to find a place to deploy thisATMMachine. After several twists and turns, we believe that Cyprus is the best place to deploy for the first time, because the local banking system has been temporarily closed in the past two weeks. In addition, we have received30Multi Country300Orders for multiple sets of equipment, so we hope to have enough capacity to meet people's needs as soon as possible

Q: bitcoinATMThe product web page of the machine is very fuzzy. Does your company want to find investors or partners, which means that there is no actual product at present

A: Yes, the description of this page may not be accurate. However, our search for investors or partners does not mean that we do not have actual products. On the contrary, our products are ready and may soon appear on the streets of Los Angeles, where our operation center is located. In addition, it can also test the performance of the equipment in actual work. We are looking for investors to fund our expansion plan, because we are now receiving a large number of orders, which forces us to need funds to recruit more employees. In the next few weeks, we may get the first round of financing, with a total amount of about100Wan Zhi300Million dollars. We are still contacting some stronger investors

Jeff BowickIt was also revealed in the e-mail that the newATMRelated pictures of:

Storage interface of equipment

Interface after successful storage