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The position of president of El Salvador is1120 BTC, income is400USD 10000

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"I bought it again420 BTC!”

The president of El Salvador, naibukler, announced on his social media that he had purchased420 BTC. Although this is righttweetBut as an active promoter of cryptocurrency,buklerEach oftweetWill have a significant impact on the industry

Position1120 BTCThe president of El Salvador earned400USD 10000

According to statistics of Liande, there are bitcoin in China at present1120Pieces. The history of government bitcoin purchase is as follows:

200Bitcoin(9month7Day), the current price is about5172440element

<150Bitcoin(9month8Day), the current price is about5078682element

<150Bitcoin(9month20Day), the current price is about5192818element

420Bitcoin(10month28Day), the current price is about6681970element

this time420 BTCIt is the largest purchase in China. The first purchase was made when the country implemented the bitcoin act. At that time, it was mainly to establish bitcoin trust fund to reward downloading bitcoin payment transaction applicationchivoAnd complete the account opening of citizens. State owned company operating the trustChivo, the application developer, also has abandesalBitcoin settlement system managed by (Development Bank of El Salvador)

However,ChivoThe first day of registration exceeded the government's expectations, so El Salvador had to store it urgently again200 BTC. For details, please refer to Linde's previous report: the bitcoin Act came into force today. El Salvador can get a sweet cake or a hot potato. However, unexpectedly, since9Since January, due to the rise in the price of bitcoin, the Salvadoran government has10At the beginning of this month, it was announced that400Million dollars to build a pet hospital.10month9Day,buklerstaytwitterThe plan was announced at the. The upcoming pet hospital facility called "chivo pets" will have a wide range of functions, including12Clinics4There are emergency clinics, an operating room and a rehabilitation area. Early this morning, Wang Hong and the president announced that they had placed420individualBTC, estimated cost2400Million dollars. In addition to bitcoin, which initially rewards citizens, the government is expected to hold at least720Bitcoin.BuklerSaid he wouldn't400It's a little strange to build a pet hospital with an income of million dollars, especially in a country with a less prosperous economy10month22U.S. Customs and border protection, CBP(CBP)Announced on2020year10Month to2021year9Between June, the number of illegal immigrants detained at the border between the southwestern United States and Mexico was about173Million people, last year3.8Times, setting a new record. Most of the migrants came from three Central American countries, Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador. The reasons why they want to go abroad also need to be treated comprehensively. The political situation in Latin America has been volatile. With the assassination of the submarine president, the number of immigrants illegally crossing the border between Haiti and Nicaragua due to political asylum gradually increased

Recent status of bitcoin market in El Salvador

As the most popular president of El Salvador, Buchler is very active on twitter. At the same time, he is also one of the celebrities in the encryption industry

The main reason for adopting bitcoin in El Salvador is the high handling fees for cross-border transfers. Data show that El Salvador's overseas remittances account for about half of its GDP(GDP)Yes20%. Annual international remittances up to60Billion US dollars, and the annual remittance service charge is estimated to be as high as4USD100mn For details, seeLiandePrevious reports:【LiandeExcept] meaning of drunkard: the way to break the bitcoin siege in El Salvador this year is even more special. With the economic recovery after the new crown, remittances from Central America have reached an unprecedented level. According to the world bank, China and the United States rank first in the amount of overseas remittances,2020Mexico inGDPof4%, El Salvador24%, Honduras23%

Mexican giant Barnett will2021Remittance forecast for480Billion to485Billion dollars. In Guatemala, only in8In January, scattered household remittances reached a record high13.88USD100mn In El Salvador, from1Month to8In June, the scattered family remittances reached49.01US $billion, an increase over the same period last year35%

The bitcoin market in El Salvador still seems to be a blue ocean. At present, the governments of El Salvador's neighboring Bahamas, Panama and Paraguay are also competing to follow suit. How about Bahamas currency? The Caribbean Island Bahamas and El Salvador face the same US dollar sanctions. It is the first country in the world to issue a central bank digital currency(CBDC).2020year10In June, the state announced the sand coin plan, namely“CBDCThe program has been implemented for one year. For details, seechain deThe Bahamas Saint dollar is the world's firstCBDCAre you? The battle for power in emerging countries has begun. However, according to recent public statistics, the circulation of sand coins is still less than that of cash1%Although the utilization rate and frequency have been rising, the overall data has not arrived as scheduled. According to the Central Bank of the Bahamas, as of2021year8At the end of the month, the number of sand coins in circulation in the Bahamas was27.25Bahamas million7Month increased40%But the total amount is only0.05%(the cash flow of Bahamas in the same period is about5Bahamas billion)

There is another secret. The Bahamas is an archipelagic country700Composed of several small islands, the domestic cash transportation cost is very high. this year2In June, it was reported that MasterCard would cooperate with a start-up company in the Bahamas to issue cards compatible with "sand coins"3In June, johnroll, governor of the Central Bank of the Bahamas(John Rawl)To the International Monetary Fund(IMF)According to the report, local financial institutions can exchange demands through mobile payment. He said: "the reason why the sand coins are not popular is that the Central Bank of the Bahamas is focused on development."