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What is "bitcoin", the king of virtual currency, and current situation analysis

2022-05-24 14:41:30 browse: 82

When it comes to bitcoin, many people have expressed their feelings more than once. If I had some bitcoin in the past, I would at least be a millionaire now. So what is bitcoin and how can it have such a great "magic"?

Bitcoin, English nameBitcoin, originally by Satoshi Nakamoto2008year11month1Proposed on and2009year1month3Day was officially born. It is a virtual encrypted digital currency without an issuer. Bitcoin is one of the applications of blockchain. The transaction of bitcoin will form a transaction record chain, and the connection between different blocks will form a blockchain. Bitcoin is essentially an encrypted information block. Since there is no universally recognized official issue, bitcoin is not the official currency of any country, nor is it recognized by all countries. Simply put, bitcoin is a virtual currency.

So why does a virtual currency have such magic power? It depends on its price. When bitcoin first appeared, every bitcoin0.077cent,1You can buy it in US dollars130Yes, but in2021year11month10The price of bitcoin reached the highest68928.90dollar1Well, do you understand a lot

Bitcoin has maintained a small fluctuation trend in the near future. It is currently in the middle of the range fluctuation. There are reasons to operate in this position. Just pay attention not to look too much at the profit space. After the rebound at midnight yesterday, it is still in the middle position. For now, don't be too blind. At present, it is OK to look for short selling in the short term. Next, focus on whether the recent trend will give an obvious change signal.