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Leap motion arThe head monitor looks crazy, but it can be a miracle

2018-04-17 00:00:00 browse: 7184

This week, we will studyleap motionWhat it brings to augmented reality. We've seen them create some incredible technologies before, especially in motion tracking and control. Now, they seem to think they are entering in a priority oriented wayarAugmented reality.

Leap motionThere is a head display that balances performance and appearance. The head reaches this kind of displayleap motionThe balance point of the highest technical specifications mentioned. In other words, they have created a product that people can use, which is different from most other consumer goods in the world today.

In order to achieve this head display,leap motionMy team used several models5.5Inch smartphone. They put these smartphones on both sides of the wearer's face and reflected their internal images. Through this setup, they eventually find that they need to create their ownLEDDisplay system. They decided to adoptanalogixDisplays the drive and two quick switchesBOE 3.5Architecture of inch display.

They created a head display, which will enable them to describe all other head displays(VR、AR(etc.). Two120 FPS、1600x1440Display100+Scope of view and150 FPSManual tracking180 x 180Degree field of view. When the head display is turned on, the resolution, waiting time and viewing restrictions of today's system will disappear.

So where can I buy the wonders of modern technology? You can't. At present,leap motionThe project is called the "Polaris project" and used as a springboard point. They used this project to show that all of us focus onARThe hardware is wrong, and their products can bring the best experience.