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Yujixin: bitcoin counterattacks and then explores47000Can Ethereum break through3500What?

2021-11-18 02:14:13 browse: 30193

The highlights of this morning's activities are as follows:

1.Institutional Analysis: the storm and chip shortage may lead to an increase in US inflation in the coming months

2.Supervisors of the board of supervisors of key state-owned financial institutions: the most important role of blockchain in supply chain finance is to establish a perfect trust mechanism

3.El Salvador will exempt foreign investors from profits tax from bitcoin speculation in the country

4.Morgan Stanley strategist: future12Cash performance will be better than the US stock market in the coming months

5.Ark investment management plans to allow its fund to invest bitcoin in CanadaETF


Market trend analysis of various currencies: real-time guidanceq3628969712


Bitcoin prices fell again on the same day. On a low hit44851After that, it withdrew from the counterattack and hit high46465After that, it retreats under pressure. It has been restored46350Line. At the four hour chart level, the price broke through the suppression of the offensive and defensive line. The suppression intensity of brin was tested on the track. The indicators in the attached figure rose. The overall trend is still watching the whole market. It is suggested that the rebound should be mainly empty, supplemented by regression. Focus on the top47000OK, then look around47400-47600, provide the opportunity to follow up empty orders, and support the45500-45800Line, and then view44850Line, providing the opportunity to follow up multiple orders


Ethereum followed the market and retreated130Multipoint. Hit low3305After that, it withdrew from the counterattack. Currently restored to3420about. There are signs of an upward attack in the short term of the hourly chart, and the four hour interval has been shortened. Overall, it still maintains a pattern of weak integration. It is suggested that the rebound is mainly empty, supplemented by later retreat. Upper support attention3470-3500A line, then look around3550Left and right, providing the opportunity to follow up empty orders; Lower support attention3350-3370A line, then look around3300Around, providing the opportunity to follow up multiple orders


Hit at a low price81.3After the front line, it withdrew from the counterattack, and now it is back82.8about. According to the hour chart, the price ended the short-term pattern of two consecutive negative days,KIs positive. The price counterattack tests the medium rail repression of Brin, and the overall trend is weak. It is suggested to focus on rebound. The upper inhibition is focused on83.9-85.1-87, the lower support is concentrated in81.4-80.6-79

long-term care

Wright hit low176.76Rebound after minutes. At present, he has returned to182.4Nearby. The scope of the hour chart is narrowed, and the overall trend is still focusing on the entire market. It is recommended to mainly use empty rebound. Upper part suppressed and noted186.1OK, then189.5that 's ok. If he has the opportunity, he can follow up the blank order, and the lower part supports and pays attention to it176.8Line. After stabilization, he can follow up several short-term orders and fall below the limit again


Boca continues to climb to35.97High point. It is still under exploration. At the four hour level, the closing line was connected with Yang for three times, with sufficient long capacity, and the price has the momentum to continue rising and explore the high point. It is recommended to step back. Lower support concentrated in34.6The front line, followed by32.7about. If you have the opportunity, you can follow up more orders. Upper inhibition is concentrated in36The front line. You can maintain a lighter position and more, the goal is37about


Minimum price reached169.93And get rid of the rebound. Currently restored to175.8about. The scope of the hour chart has been reduced. In the future, we should pay attention to the breaking situation. Before breakthrough, it is suggested to grasp the trend. The lower bracket is concentrated in170.1Line, then166.9Line, upper bracket concentrated in178.2Line, then181.8line

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