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Academician of coin circle:9.13Bitcoin(BTC)Ethereum(ETH)Market analysis and operation suggestions

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In the free trade market of the monetary circle, there is a saying: opportunity always comes. If we have a correct forecast of the overall trend of the market, that is, we are in a bull market cycle, and each decline can be understood as an opportunity to pick up chips on the base price, how can we seize this opportunity? The most important thing is to understand the cause and logic of the crash,Know what it is,Why?,Truly realize the unity of knowledge and Practice,,


Recognize your perceptions. Why did the bull market plummet? There are many bold points on this issue. Academicians believe that the most important point is that the speed of new capital flowing into the market can not keep up with the speed of market growth. At this time, the strength of the bull market is unsustainable, and there are more profit taking in the market. Profit taking sentiment became stronger and stronger, and the market direction gradually reversed, leading to panic flight. That's why the plane crashed


Academician also wants to say two words. I suggest you remember:

1、 Positive factors will accelerate the bull market, but the bull market will last for a short time

2、 Negative factors will delay the process of the bull market, but will prolong the duration of the bull market

(the logic behind it is very useful for friends with new interests)


Academicians of coin circle hope that fans can2021Financial freedom was achieved in. Come on


2021.9.13Bitcoin(BTC)Market analysis reference

The trend of Monday's big cake is short. After the weekly line ends, start the descent mode. Daily lineKLine breakema60Moving average. At present, it is blocked in this position.MACDShrinkage,DIFandDEAEnter the downward polarization,KDJContinuing down the bell, the Bollinger belt has now been opened up and down,KThe line fluctuates around the downward channel,4The hour Bollinger belt is closed,KThe line moves up and down the brin belt, and now it has touched brin off track,KDJAccelerate down to the bottom,MACDSubstantial decline,DIFandDEAThere is an obvious downward closing trend,KLine in4Drop to horizontal pressure level within hours. There seems to be little space below. In the short term, low incomes and many ideas remain unchanged. Do a good job in risk control and stop loss. The market changes quickly. Don't be greedy. The specific operation is mainly based on the real-time strategy. This analysis is for reference only and at your own risk


2021.9.13Bitcoin(BTC)Operation suggestion reference

stay44100-44200There are many nearby. Export reference:44550-44900-45300, disconnect45650

On top45600-45700There are many interruptions at. Export reference:46050-46350-46650。 See46950Understanding interrupts


2021.9.13Ethereum(ETH)Market analysis reference

Ethereum Monday morning8:00After the closing, the market began to fall back, which is a good opportunity for most of us. After all, the opportunity has come. everydayKLine starts to touch down3200Integer level and reduced to3200following. For us, the opportunity to bargain long is dailyKLine diving,MACDShrink down,DIFandDEAHigh point downward diffusion acceleration,KDJThe bell went on, and the brin belt opened high,KThe line failed to hit the middle track and fell back to find a foothold,4hourKThe line touches the brin strip and gets off the track,KDJTouch the bottom,MACDA large number of declines,DIFandDEALow closing,4hourKLine continued negative closing, diving below3200Point, the vacancy continues to be bearish, do not chase the vacancy, and re operation is strictly prohibited. It is recommended to pay attention to low, not empty, fast market change and not greedy. The specific operation is based on real-time strategy, analysis is the main reference, and the risk is borne by itself


2021.9.13Ethereum(ETH)Operation suggestion reference

stay3150-3160There are many nearby. Export reference:3200-3240-3280, disconnect3310

On top3320-3330There is a lot of rest. Export reference:3360-3390-3420, disconnect3455

Note: if you just enter the market and come to me, the author will teach you how to operate while learning; If you are not ideal, you can come to me, I will help you, you will not make mistakes again and again; If you have been struggling in this market but have no money, you might as well go to the author, who will have confidence to help you regain your confidence. If your position list is covered, I will make a reasonable solution according to your entry point. Because each person's quilt position is different, the solution will be different. Some are suitable for caution, and some are suitable for radicalization. But the author cannot give a perfect answer here. The academician of the coin circle suggests you bring your list. As long as I find Academician Qian Quan, I will really solve your problem and help you in the most appropriate way.



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