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9month9Day,MetisThe co founders visiteddeep chain schoolAnd shared the theme "help Ethereum, layer 2 basic agreement"MetisofWeb 3.0 wild prospect”。 Here are the shared records. Please sort them out.


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Kevin Liu: Hello everyone! I amKevin,MetisCo founder of. I have5More than years of product development experience, especially in2CEnd. User experience has always been our focus.2018In, I met with my other two foundersElenaandyuan, and start learningDao, governance and decentralized collaboration. First, we want to solve the problem of decentralized and distributed collaboration. Later, we found that because Ethereum has problems in cost, efficiency and scalability, it can only2Layer, and the2Layer isMetisThe beginning of birth.

My other co-founderElena sinelnikovaAlsocryptochicks.caCo founder of. Elena has a rich technical background. As a Microsoft Solution Architect, she has worked in the Canadian government and law enforcement for20many years.2015In, she became interested in blockchain.2017She and her friendsNatalia AmelineEstablishedcryptochicks——A women's organization focusing on women's blockchain education. At that time, the organization was just a small exchange meeting, but now they are56Countries have set up branches.

Yuan is our technical director. he6Started programming at the age of and participated inIBM hyperledgerInfrastructure design of the project. He has conducted in-depth research on optimal aggregation, and now he is promoting our own No2Layer implementation:MetisSummary. At present,rollupWill be on9Start the main network test network at the end of this month, and we will10Monthly release main networkV0.1。

In addition,MetisThe team currently has26Members from Canada, China, Ghana, Venezuela, Colombia, India, Bangladesh, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and Singapore. We implement and manage projects in a distributed and collaborative manner.

Q & a session

Deep Chain Finance: what isMetis? What are her main characteristics and values?

Kevin Liu: in short,MetisIt is an Ethereum2Layer (optimization summary)+DaoInfrastructure forWeb3.0Economics.

Our vision is to expand Ethereum andWeb 2.0World andWeb 3.0Connected so that the wholeWeb 3.0The world can passMetisSection2The layer is built on Ethereum. To achieve this goal, we need to:1。 Robust and scalable infrastructure;2.An organizational structure suitable for decentralized cooperation.

This is it.MetisDone: page2layer+Dao。MetisDefined a newDaoStructure——DACAs a basic unit, it supports the operation and management of decentralized applications, communities and businesses. We believe in the futureWeb3.0The basic unit of the world isDACEvery application, community, and ideaDACRun as.

MetisSection2The main features of the layer expansion solution are:

1.Very low gasoline costs. Compared with the cost of tens of dollars on the Ethernet chain,MetisJust a few cents. Even if the transaction volume increases, the cost will not increase;

2.Fast trading. Compared to transactions that take several minutes in the Ethernet chain,MetisJust a few seconds;

3.Native file storage. We cannot do this on Ethernet chains or polygons. We useIPFsPlan, this will be a big killer;

4.No smart contract programming is required. Our pre developed smart contract template provides one click deployment to facilitateWeb 2.0Developer call;

5.And Ethereum(EVM)Fully compatible. If you have already built on Ethereum, you can directly migrate toMetisAnd enjoy the above convenience;

6.Completely dispersed rather than centralized side chains;

7.It can work withWeb 2.0website/The platform is fully integrated. Our middleware systempoliseasyWeb2.0Developers use and build.

MetisThe capacity expansion protocol supports a wide range of use cases, includingNFTPlatform, similarredditDistributed social platform, open source developer community, influencer community, game player community, freelancer community, crowdfunding, yield breedingDEXTransactions, etc.

This is our overall architecture: underlying infrastructure+polismiddleware +DACFrame.

It supports a variety ofDAPPOperation and management of. Therefore, to sum up,MetisIt's Ethereum2Layer summary expansion scheme, providing a complete set of technical architecture+Organizational structure to facilitateWeb 2.0The world moves toWeb 3.0Operation and management.

Deep Chain Finance: compared with competitive products,MetisWhat are the advantages of?

Kevin Liu: This is a comparison chart. Ethereum chapter2Comparison within layers:

To sum up, compared with other2Tier extension solutions (optimization andArbitrium)In contrast,Metis:

1.More scalable. It supports multiple virtual machines andsequencerPool to process transactions. Currently, other countries only support single virtual machines andsequencer。 A practical example is that if an application has a large amount of business, they can be applied to open the summary chain respectively. At present,BSCandpolygonBasically, there is no problem of increasing costs with the expansion of business volume. Our architecture is designed for more powerful capacity expansion scenarios.

2.More practical.polisandDACThe microservice framework of promotes the expansion of the suite. In the current product planning, various function templates will be launched one after another, and the functions will be richer.

3.High efficiency.rangerThe system reduces the extraction time from a few days or a week to a few hours.

4.Self sustainment. supportDAPP/Communities start their ownDaoAnd tokens and cold start.

This is our first time in Ethereum2Internal comparison in layer summary. AndpolygonCompared with the side chain scheme of,polygonGood development has laid a good start for the expansion of Ethereum ecology. However, withoptimization、ArbitriumWith the launch of our main network, the real game has just begun.

Many people criticizepolygonIs a centralized private side chain controlled by a few people, which is why they can build this solution so quickly.

In fact, if fourpolygonTeam members and a partner decide to work together frompolygonThe last company to withdraw funds, they can do so.

But in Metis, it's impossible.MetisCompletely dispersed, not subject toMetisFounder andMetisThe control of anyone, such as the team. Decentralization is one of our core values.


We haveIPFsStorage. Users can store and share files and data;

2.We have a multi chain (MultiVM)Structure. The dynamic construction of the chain makes its design decentralized and eliminates the single chain(VM)The bottleneck of;

3.User friendly. Even novices in the blockchain field can use our middleware (including modulesAPIAnd templates) build your ownDAPPOr decentralize business.

Deep Chain Finance: which projects have been or have been agreed to be usedMetisTechnology?

Kevin Liu: ecology is the top priority of our development. We've been accelerating, especially in9Main network online test and10The main network online test in January is one of the two important milestones.

At present, we have announced the ecological development plan, and50Multiple project parties apply. We are connecting them one by one. It has been determined20Multiple.

Pay networkIs our investor and close partner. There will be a through train for our ecological project. After passing the review, we can start quicklypay igniteoLaunch platform for.

We expect to release the ecosystem map next week. Now we are docking new projects every day.

This is a partial list. The detailed list will be released next week.

Deep Chain Finance:MetisWhat is the main timeline for (e.g., token sales, fundraising, or product launch)?

Liukaiwen: the current development process is:

1.AlphaTest network release:2021year4In June, we released the first test product preface;

2.Community castingNFTactivity-"Rebuilding the tower of Babel" (website:tribe.Metis.IO):2021year4Month;

3.Ido、online gate.ioanduniswap:2021year5month13Day;

4.BetaTest web publishing (website:testswap.Metis.IO):2021year6month15Day;

5.polis(Middleware) release (website:polis.Metis.IO):2021year7Month;

There are two important milestones this year:

1.Public test online andDACCommitted mining activities:2021year9Month;

2.Primary network versionV0.1Date of issue:2021year10Month.

At present, the public test network and the pledged mining contract are under audit, and the results are expected to be returned within two weeks. We hired two auditors (Haken and AMOS) and a safety consultant.

Deep Chain Finance:MetisWill be on2021What do you do in the remaining months of the year?

Kevin Liu:9In January, we will launch the public test network andDACThe community began to dig.

Through the public online test, community members (including ecosystem development plan applicants) can create their own2layerDAC; Transfer assets(MetisToken) from1Layer migration to2Layer; The second layer of mortgage is used to obtain high-yield agricultural rewards. Invited to joinDACThe more users,DACThe higher your mining computing power, the more rewards you will receive from the income agricultural reward pool.

9Month end: the2layerDACMore features of

These new features will help promoteMetisEcosystem development plan. let me put it another way,MetisIt will help the cold start of projects in the ecosystem - from the preparation of initial funds to community construction, from marketing to technical assistance.

At present, the third party is based on our third party2Layer construction switching platform and startup platformDAPP。 AllDACMembers will be able to ensure thatMetisTokens to mine for them